HomeIntroductionMessage from the President
First of all, we would like to express our hearty gratitude to you for the unsparing support, which have been invaluable for us ALFATEX INTERNATIONAL CORP to be established in textile business through continued stable growth. We have been
producing a variety of fabrics, including natural synthetic for making garment and
industrial uses. We also have been exporting all kinds of functional fabric for
elegant and out door clothing, which used variety raw material-spandex, nylon,
polyester, and etc.
Now, we are going to challenge the digital world with the spirit of new
establishment. Our new markets are for high value added products whose needs
and consumption increase more sharply these days in the global markets and
would lead the future fashion.
We will make every effort to develop new items with revolution of our
administration and production systems to satisfy any needs of customers. We are
sure that our unceasing development will contribute to you more satisfaction with
our goods.